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6 Key Tips To Designer Holiday Decorating

As featured in Style at Home's - Holiday Magic - December 2022

I, like many, love the holiday season with which also comes the joy of decorating your home. Since there is already so much going on during this busy time of year, though joyful, decorating for the holidays can also feel overwhelming.

Getting caught up in the nostalgia and excitement of the season makes it easy to go overboard in the décor department, and while there isn't anything wrong with letting your festive flair shine, try and resist the urge to overdo it and keep it classy with some of my top tips to help you decorate like a designer this winter.


Choose a colour scheme and décor theme. Then, stick to it! Since most of us often collect and inherit décor and ornaments over the years, it can be challenging to hold back and use only what corresponds to your chosen theme and scheme. Whether you choose to go with classic red and green, or a contemporary silver and gold colour combo, remember to stay consistent and only include items that will complement the overall chosen aesthetic.

TIP: When selecting your theme and scheme, be sure to consider your existing décor. Most of your furnishings will be staying in place so let your festive choices compliment your interiors with seamless seasonal style.


When it comes to interior décor, I am a big proponent of the "less is more" motto. When it pertains to holiday décor, which can often times be too bold or border on brash, let us double up on that motto just to be safe. Incorporating festive pieces in small doses, nestled amongst your existing décor, will keep it seasonal but subtle.

TIP: Follow the “one in, one out” rule - For every new piece you introduce, remove one to avoid overcrowding.


Fresh evergreens are a perfect way to bring the seasonal theme into your home while taking full advantage of nature’s bounty. Go green in the form of real garlands, swags and table-scape. If live greenery isn’t readily available, there are PLENTY of faux options that will create an equally festive look and feel. Complimenting your greenery with natural wood in the form of wood bowls, candle holders and the like will quickly have you feeling home for the holidays.

TIP: For fresh greenery, follow these simple rules to keep them lasting longer over the Holidays. Make sure you buy quality greens that have been fresh cut. Trim the stems, soak overnight & once you have decorated, mist regularly to secure their longevity.


This trend is admittedly more seasonal than “holiday”, but a few cozy additions can really crank up the cozy factor in your home. Layered pillows, heavier throws and area rugs underfoot all contribute to enveloping you with a sense of warmth. Look for lush and plush weighted fabrics and textures like velvets, corduroy, wools and faux fur. Just remember to stay within your chosen theme and scheme!


As a designer, I can attest to how much lighting plays an important role in warming up your space bringing with it that desired ambiance holidays are so famous for. Warm-coloured lightbulbs and dimmers work wonders when layering your ambient lighting and lamps. A flickering fireplace or candles are magical but, in their absence, strings of white lights are a beautiful alternative.

TIP: Add some metallic or reflective elements to your display to simplify the light.


Aside from the customary areas of festive focus like garland-wrapped banisters, candle-clad fireplace mantels and dining room table centrepieces, add a touch of the season into unconventional areas. Mudrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, even front entrances all deserve a sprinkle of the holidays. These are great places for home-made crafts and ornaments with which you can make charming yet economical additions.


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