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Fabrics we LOVE

In collaboration with @Maxwellfabrics

I LOVE fabrics and the best and most exciting part of our design process is the Detailed Design Phase. This is the stage in which we pull together all of the materials and finishes for a project and you'll often find me mulling over my favorite Maxwell Fabrics in the Studio. I love to work in unique color combinations and pair together different textures and patterns to create classic, timeless designs, thoughtfully curated for our clientele.



I love this classic vintage inspired fabric with rich teal and a hint of mauve. One of my favorite fabrics, it's perfect for upholstering accent chairs, ottomans, accent pillows and even draperies. It looks wonderful paired with natural walnut wood, extravagant blues and soft cream tones.

Projects Featured : Brammar + King Bishop


This fabric is a part of Maxwell's new collection, called Painted Desert. It is a must have neutral fabric, and a beautiful way to add a sophisticated touch to any room. It works great for throw pillows, ottomans and the backs of chairs.

It also works well in an office setting or more masculine-styled offices, dens, bedrooms and living rooms. Pair this fabric with agarwood, pepper, steel, charcoal and tan tones. It is undeniably a very flexible and versatile fabric!



Taro # 204 Mustang is a lightly distressed, vintage faux leather fabric. It is perfect for upholstering your favorite furniture and giving your space a timeless, captivating feel. It truly is a fabric you'll dream about.

We love using this luxury faux leather fabric for ottomans, chairs and bar stools. This warm toned fabric pairs nicely with similar toned woods, navy blues, creams and grays but you could pair this sophisticated fabric with a fun wallpaper to pull out any hidden warm tones (e.g. like Maxwell's Water Lilies seen below)



This brand new Spring 2022 fabric makes for a beautiful ottoman, throw pillow, stool, bench or kitchen seat, but it is so versatile that it can also be used for a decadent drapery.

We love this beautifully woven fabric that features a rich texture, with extraordinary details and depth. With the multiple shades of green and brown, and the imitation of trees and foliage, this fabric makes for a naturesque feeling that is warm and comforting.


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