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Five Fantastic Feature Walls

If you are looking for a way to add drama and originality to any room, a feature wall might just do the trick. Feature walls are an easy way to add impact to a space without affecting its shape, size, or layout. The sky’s the limit when you are dreaming up ideas for a feature wall as they can be any colour, texture, material, or design.


Wallpaper is a beautiful way to create a strong design statement with colour and pattern. It can be soft, subtle, and neutral, or bold, bright, and dramatic. I look for ways to incorporate beautiful wallpaper in almost every project I do -- even tucked-away spaces like this laundry room. We took what would have been a ho-hum, all-white space and transformed it with just the simple addition of a floral paper. No need to keep the door closed in this laundry room!

Wallpaper has come a long way in the last few decades, and is now more durable and easier to install. You may choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, and the price point ranges from very low to very high, depending on what you are looking for. Variety is another feature that makes it ideal for room transformations; no matter what your taste or preference, there is a wallpaper to complement your desire.



Wood evokes feelings of home, comfort, simpler times, and casual living. Wood feature walls can be rustic, bare and rough, or smooth, painted and more refined. In this kitchen and the adjoining living and dining spaces, the painted horizontal planks (or shiplap) contribute to the elevated, modern farmhouse style of the home. Giving a wall a wood treatment is an easy way to add architectural interest where it may be lacking.



Brick walls create spectacular backdrops, infuse spaces with texture, and ooze personality. They can lean warm and cozy or cool and edgy. For some homeowners, brick walls may already exist, and the question becomes how to incorporate it into the design scheme and maximize its design contribution. To do this, we choose fabrics that complement the colour tones already in the brick, and keep many of the other textures in the room subtle. If the existing colour or texture of the brick is undesirable, painting or finishing it is an option to minimize its appearance.

If you wish to add a brick wall to your home, it is possible to create one from scratch thanks to the selection of lightweight pavers available on the market now. As a benefit, we get to select the colour, shape, texture, and often the pattern of the brick so that it reflects your overall aesthetic.

bedroom by Patti Wilson Design, Inc.


A full wall of natural stone never fails to make an impression. We like to use either a solid of stone or large-scale tiles as a full-height backsplash in kitchens as a dramatic moment or in ensuite baths. We are used to seeing floor-to-ceiling walls of tile inside a shower, but when it is applied outside the shower enclosure it never fails to wow. The organic movement of colour and pattern in natural stone is a great choice for adding excitement to a space.


We love feature walls and incorporate these breathtaking focal points in almost every project we do. To find out how we can transform your home and brainstorm ideas for your own custom feature wall, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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