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Spring Into Guest Ready Interiors.

With Spring in the air, it's the quintessential time of year for new beginnings, to start fresh, get your home in order and "spring" into warmer weather feeling organized, refreshed and decluttered.

Whether you are rolling up your sleeves for Spring cleaning or preparing to host your friends and families to celebrate the Easter Season, why not take this opportunity to get your homes organized so that you can be the host with the most, not just on special occasions but all year round!

Lets review some key spaces, the role they play and how they can better suit, not just us and our own families, but our guests too. Be it a special occasion, holiday, weekend get together or even that dear unexpected guest that loves to pop in unannounced, your space should and can be welcoming to all!


Or entryways, as most like to call them. The moment someone enters your home be it for the first time or not, it is worth thoughtfully considering the essence you want to convey to someone being invited in. We think if there is one space that should be well poised so to speak, meaning decluttered, well organized and welcoming, its the entryway into your home. This certainly plays into your own mood when opening the front door at the end of a long day and makes for a welcome first impression to anyone else coming in.

Functionality is key. You may find useful a console table that will not only serve as a storage piece for keys, mail and other items, it is also a stylish focal point that can be adorned with seasonal florals and or accessories.

Having additional storage such as a closet or wardrobe also works for function when it comes to a place for everything and everything in its place.

SUPER HOST TIP: If you want to go the extra mile, keep a basket of slippers for those who would appreciate the gesture. Additional hangers in your closets always come in handy and all in all a nice clean decluttered entry way truly says welcome to even the most untimely drop-ins.


They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and in most cases this rings true! How many times have we feverishly tried to usher guests out of the kitchen workspace as we prepare food and attempt to hide the mess. Yet time and time again, this is where everyone seems to want to collect! Lets embrace the reality and prepare ourselves accordingly.

We personally love to design open concept kitchen/dining spaces, and better yet, lets include the family room in the combination. An open concept design allows those on hosting duty to participate in conversations and they don't have to feel left out.

For more formal occasions, having a separate dining space might work better for some. Additional seating can be brought out if need be and the kitchen preparation can be hidden from the gathering area. For those who love to add a festive flair when entertaining or hosting, you might stock up on a variety of linen napkins, tableware and seasonal decor. Who doesn't love to be seated at a table sprinkled with a bit of cheer to reflect the occasion.

SUPER HOST TIP: We suggest you always stay stocked with some essentials and staples like coffee, tea, sweet and savoury snacks. It's always nice to have something to offer. Most of us know our circle quite well, so while essentials stocked may vary, appreciation will fair high across the board!


Living rooms and family rooms are known to be places we gather to sit and stay awhile so having a space that feels welcoming and not too precious creates a feeling of invitation and warmth. If you enjoy spending time in these rooms and sharing them with loved ones, we think functionality, comfort and style should all work in perfect harmony.

You know your inner circle best so whether your nearest and dearest enjoy playing board games, lounging by the fire or simply curled up in the nook of a comfortable sectional, be sure to consider what makes you feel right at home when styling your space, and surely your guests will feel so as well.

The key is to remember that a living room should be just that, lived in. Add the comforts of home like extra throws and layers of pillows, and your guests will be happy to sit, relax and stay awhile.


Last but not least, having a place to invite family or special guests to stay overnight is always worthy of consideration. Guest rooms are a luxury and perhaps not all of us have the additional space, but if you do, create a simple, airy and fresh feeling in the room. Layering comfortable linens, pillows and throws is one way to convey a feeling of cozy comfort. Having a place for your guests to store essentials if they are staying a while is also something to consider. Clean out the night stand or add a small bench for them to place their overnight bag. Lastly, being prepared with fresh towels and some staple toiletries does not go unappreciated.

SUPER HOST TIP: Be it your entryway, living space, guest retreat or powder room, most spaces can do with a mist of a fresh scent.Find a candle, diffuser or aromatic oil with a fresh clean scent and let it work its magic. Add some fresh seasonal greenery or reach for your favourite faux branches and instantly breathe some life into any room, creating an even more welcoming experience for you or your guests.

In summary, we think that going all out to be prepared for hosting a special occasion is sometimes a bit of an added pressure and it need not be so. Having your space pre-organized for the unexpected visitor so to speak, just might make more formal hosting situations seem less daunting!

Wishing you all a bright and cheerful Spring full of fresh starts, new beginnings and lots and lots of sunshine in the forecast ahead!


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