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Colour Therapy

Beat the “Winter Blues” with one of 2023’s hottest interior trends. Colour! Its back in a big way and we couldn’t be more excited!

Today we are talking all things Colour and if you know me, you know I love colour, big time!I gravitate towards rich deep hues and love experimenting with different colour and texture combinations.Colour, along with pattern is one of my favourite tools with which to add depth to a space and create a certain mood or vibe.Not sure if you're ready to jump on the "Colour Wagon" just yet? Don't stress! Follow along to see how you can inject pops of colour into your space in small but impactful ways. If you're feeling a little more daring, check out how we've used some of our favourite colours like Sherwin Williams "Sea Mariner" in this principal bathroom!

Each year the industry pros forecast what’s hot in interior design and colour, and this year it’s not just about which colours are trending, but how we use them. We are seeing more bold colour choices on cabinetry and furniture and less of the standard neutral white or off white, grey or greige tones from the past.Here are some great tips for introducing your favourite colours in smaller, but impactful ways!


Accent walls are a great way to ground a space and add a pop of colour or create a moody vibe in a small but impactful way. We used Sherwin Williams Iron Ore in this family room in a more monochromatic scheme to create a tranquil, yet elegant and sophisticated space. The artwork and accent pillows add pops of colour, pattern and texture creating visual interest, depth and warmth.

When choosing a colour, accessories or accents like bedding, pillows, throws or even artwork are a great way to experiment with colour before making a bigger commitment on things like an accent wall, furniture or cabinetry. In addition, accents are easy to remove should you grow tired of your colour choice.


Considering a bold colour choice on furniture can feel scary, so be sure to use good quality fabric or leather in a style that will stand the test of time and works with the rest of your furniture and decor.If you love rich jewel tones like me, be sure to pick a colour with muted undertones to avoid it looking too bright.If you're unsure, start small with lesser investment pieces like an accent chair, ottoman or vintage piece freshly painted in a fun, bold colour.

TIP: This may seem obvious but believe us when we say many of us forget to consider how we plan on getting bigger purchases into our homes. Before committing to items like sofas, sectionals, and in general, any larger scale pieces, make sure they will make it through your front door or opening. Measure in advance and know your space.


Ready to be a little more daring? Try your favourite colour on cabinetry and favourite vintage finds. We are seeing lots of deep rich olive green tones, moody blues and various shades of black on cabinetry, and built-ins, and predict it will be a trend for years to come. Sage and olive green happen to be two of my favourite colours and I love how well they both work together in this principal bathroom and bedroom. We chose Benjamin Moore's Vineland Green for the built-ins in the bathroom and Benjamin Moore's Mohegan Sage on the tongue and groove panelling in the principal bedroom.

Aside from being my favourite, green also happens to be on the “feel-good” palette - healing to mind, body and soul. The right shade has the ability to be timeless and bring with it tranquility and an earthy stillness thus grounding your space with a sense of comfort.

No matter which colour you choose look for a shade with grey undertones to keep it looking fresh and timeless.

-Benjamin Moore's Mohegan Sage on the kitchen island.

TIP: When selecting colour and stain finishes for your custom cabinetry, be sure to ask your cabinet maker for a colour sample on the type of material you are using (MDF or wood).Keep in mind that depending on the specie and grain of wood, your colour or stain colour may look different. The sheen level can also affect the colour, so be sure to ask what sheen level your cabinet maker uses.For our custom cabinets we use a 10% sheen level

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